Thursday, October 22, 2009

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I just signed up for SEACHANGE - a movement for youths to support change in their community, country and themselves. It's really simple. All I had to do was sign up and give my pledge to support change is counted!

Head on over to and register. You can also be in the running to win a free trip to KL, Malaysia to attend the Youth Engagement Summit 2009!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Latest Update on Weblog Popular 1Malaysia and Happy Deepavali

Hello everyone,

I know I've not been here lately...but it's because I'm so busy with other really important stuff. First and foremost, I would like to update all of you about the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia. The closing date for the entry has been extended until 31st October, 2009. Also there are additional prize being added to this contest.

The prizes:
  1. RM1,000.00 : 1 Weblog which gets the most nominations from bloggers will be crowned as the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.
  2. RM1,500.00 : Weblog which becomes the number one top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  3. RM1,000.00 : Weblog which becomes the number two top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  4. RM500.00 : Weblog which becomes the number three top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  5. 4 x RM250.00 : Special prizes – Ranking no 1- 4 in with keywords “Weblog Popular 1Malaysia” as at 12.00 am 1/11/2009. (Updated)
  6. 4 x RM150.00 : Special prizes - Ranking no 5 - 8 in with keywords "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" as at 12.00 am 1/11/2009. (Updated)
Rules 1 -14 will remain as it is at Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.....

Now, here are the extra added rules:

1. Follow twitter at Denaihati and click the button retweet at this entry
2. Add blog Denaihati into your blogroll or bloglist
3. Winners of 5th and 6th prize will be determined at 12.oo am, 1/11/2009 based on keyword search on
4. Prize for the 5th and 6th, if there is 1 blog with 2 links or more in ranking 1-8 only one will be counted with the highest ranking.

I hope I made some sence...if I don't please do not hesitate to visit Denaihati.

To all my hindu friends, Happy Deepavali!! And to those going on a break, Happy Holiday!!

Don't forget about this contest. It's really fun..If this is your first time knowing about this contest and have no clue what is going on...visit my earlier post Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.

Have fun!


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