Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Award

Today I received a good news from my dear friend Viviana from Resources For Mom and Kids. She has awarded me a Sisterhood Award. I am glad that my blog has made an impact in some of our lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Viviana for this wonderful award. I hope to receive more as I continue to make an impact in your lives. May God bless you all always.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fusion Excel Launches Exciting New Entrepreneur Package!!

As I type this I am so excited. I can't believe this. It is so amazing. Fusion Excel is just too good. Here me out peeps....this is going to amaze you. Before I even begin on this topic, I am sorry for not updating my blog with the latest stuff on pre-love. I am at a point in my life where everything is just happening to fall at it's place. I thank God for His amazing love for me
(He loves us all).

Now imagine being able to earn Free Leadership Bonus just by buying Fusion Excel's (FE's) Quantum Science products! On top of that, imagine as an FE Leader being able to recruit a whole new network of downlines who want to earn Free Leadership Bonus, but don't have the time to build large networks. A whole new market has been opened up for FE Leaders, a market which is HUGE!

- FE Members can now earn Free Leadership Bonus!
- FE Leaders can now market to customers who are
interested in Free Leadership Bonus!

With the Entrepreneur Package, new Members are able to FAST TRACK their new FE business by being GUARANTEED Free Leadership Bonus on their account. Entrepreneur Accounts are entitled to earn 1 FREE SHARE OF FE'S LEADERSHIP BONUS, EVERY MONTH (up to maximum value of free shares of USD 5000)! FE is providing a huge boost to help new Members to start earning income IMMEDIATELY! It is Marketing Support for New Members.

For FE Leaders, making money from building your network has never been easier: each Entrepreneur Package sold comes with 900 PVs and USD110 Direct Sponsor Bonus.
Additionally, imagine the income potential as your downlines start recruiting Entrepreneur Packages at 900 PVs each!



For more information download PowerPoint Presentation.

Isn't it wonderful. I am thrilled! Were you? I hope you do. For meet up to discuss further about this wonderful business opportunity call me at 016-624 2492 or email. I am looking forward to working with YOU!!

Thank you Fusion Excel for the great information.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Nights of Glorious Revival

Those who are interested to attend this event do join us. If you have any questions please call the numbers shown in the brochure.

Thank you and see you there.

P.S : For non-muslims only


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