Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Pre-Love's

Renew Dress - RM15 (SOLD-AYU)
Description: Blue stripes sleeveless dress.
Colour: White and blue
Size: 3 - 4 years old
Defects: None. Used once.
Code: 0154

The Shirt

MIKI Shirt - RM15 (NEW!!)
Description: Checkered shirt.
Colour: Red
Size: 3
Defects: None. It's NEW!
Code: 0083



Jasmine Puffball Dress - RM10
Description: Flowery halter puffball dress with Mickey Mouse face on the left side.
Colour: Red
Size: 11
Defects: None
Price: RM10.00
Code: 0080

China Town - RM5
Description: Cheogsam style suit. Suitable for boys and girls.
Colour: Yellow
Size: 4
Defects: Almost none. Just that one of the ankle area of the pants is loose (see the photo of the pants). Other wise in good condition.
Price: RM5.00
Code: 0077

Disney Collection "Pooh" - RM10
Description: Light brown T-shirt
Colour: Light brown
Size: 4
Defects: None
In good condition
Price: RM10.00
Code: 0075

Poney - RM5
Description: Pink stripes blouse with flower in the center
Colour: Pink
Size: 9 - 10 years old
Defects: A little loose at the neck. Other wise in good condition.
Price: RM5.00
Code: 0073

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