Monday, April 20, 2009

Adding More Of Pre-Love



The label

Benjamin Bunny T-Shirt (Peter Rabbit) - RM10
Description: Sky blue with light white/beige at the chest and sleeves.
Colour: Sky blue and light white/beige.
Size: 3 years old
Defects: Spot stains at various places. Very light. Not too visable. After a few wash it should vanish.
Code: 026

The front of the blouse

The front of the skirt

The back of the skirt

Caserini Italy Junior Set - RM18
Description: Blue skirt and blouse. Very sweet and pretty.
Colour: Blue
Size: 4
Defects: None.
Code: o25


The label

Puppy Winks Rompers - RM10
Description: Red rompers with dark blue lining. One small pocket in front.
Colour: Red
Size: L (Can fit a 1 year old)
Defects: None. Used less than 5 times.
Code: 024

Front and back looks the same

The Knitted Dress - RM15
Description: White knitted dress with blue stripes below. Three flowers with pink pearls. Both sides are the same.
Colour: White and blue.

Size: 4-5 years old.

Defects: None.

Code: 023

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