Friday, July 17, 2009

A Word Game For All - eXtraDICTION®

Do you enjoy English? What about quiz games, crossword puzzles, spelling bees and Scrabbles®? I'm sure you do. What I'm about to introduce to you is a fabulous word game.

Generations of players have enjoyed them.
Millions of players continue to enjoy them everyday.

It's called eXtraDICTION® a truly breakthrough word game for both children and adults.
It is entertaining, stimulating, challenging, enriching and extraordinarily versatile.

Why eXtraDICTION® ?

It turns reading, writing, listening, speaking, counting and thinking into a fun and exciting game.

"The most natural way of learning is through play. When playing eXtraDICTION®, the fundamental skills of literacy, oracy, numeracy and creativity are naturally developed and enhanced.

Learning and having fun at the same time ... - it's simply the smarter way for smarter people."


  • children love it;
  • parents love it;
  • teachers love it; and
  • you'll love it too!

1. FUN
both for children and their parents or teachers;

even for players without a large vocabulary set;

players learn new words and the meaning of those words as well;

it can be adapted to suit young or older players of different abilities;

it's possible for a child to win, even against an adult;

all players are involved for the entire duration of the game;

it's very versatile and can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

  1. Improves reading skills;

  2. Improves writing skills;

  3. Improves listening skills;

  4. Improves speaking skills;

  5. Improves spelling skills;

  6. Improves vocabulary;

  7. Improves thinking skills;

  8. Improves basic mental arithmetic skills;

  9. Enhances family and social interaction across different age groups.

Versatile? How?

eXtraDICTION's® versatility means that:

  • it can be played in all languages that use an alphabetical form of writing;

  • it can be used to make the learning of almost any subject fun;

  • it can be played both by children as young as 4 years of age and by adults;

  • it can be adapted to suit players of different abilities (from novices to experts);

  • it can be adapted to play different games to suit the venue, the number of players available, the time available or the learning objectives;

  • it can be played casually or competitively;

  • it can also be published in the print or digital media;

  • it can serve the needs of the education, entertainment or corporate markets and various sub-segments of those markets.

Basic steps to play eXtraDICTION®

1. Read out the clue or listen carefully as it is being read.
(Option for Junior eXtraDICTION®: Look at the picture shown)

2. Think about it quickly and say your answer out loud.

3. Spell it out and write it down on the game board.

4. Calculate your score.
(For Junior eXtraDICTION®: Count your stars and maybe take a chance ... but watch out for the rats!)

How To Play Junior eXtraDICTION®

How To Play eXtraDICTION® SP

What do customers think about eXtraDICTION®?

"eXtraDICTION is uniquely positioned to satisfy a potentially huge market need in Asia as a practical and effective tool for teaching and learning oral communication skills in English." John Lowe, ELT Director for Asia, Thomson Learning

"It's really an incredible 5-Star Fun Learning Programme. I can't think of a better word game that promises and delivers so much." KY Wong, Engineer & Parent, Malaysia

"It's a confidence booster. Some of the learners discovered they know more English words that they thought they did. One got the word 'distribution' before any of the English lecturers she was playing with and is still boasting about it!" Lecturer, English Language Teaching Centre, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

"eXtraDICTION develops players' knowledge of virtually any subject, reading and listening skills, oral comprehension, spelling, writing and simple mathematical or scientific equations. Students really get to learn English the fun way - interactive language learning." Mdm. Sanda Kumari Chandran Head of English Panel, SMKA SHAMS, Seremban, Malaysia

How much it's going to cost you?

There are 2 versions of the game set;

Junior eXtraDICTION® RM198 per set
Recommended for children age 4 to 8.

eXtraDICTION® Standard Play
per set
Recommended for advanced students and adults

To order please fill in the order form or if you prefer to preview the set, please get in touch with me through email or mobile. Please allow up to 3 - 5 days before receiving your eXtraDICTION® set. Also please note that the cost does not include postage. These products are brand new.

Adapted from Ed-Infinitum website.

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